It’s a Rare Graduation!

Look out world! These girls are comin in hot! Today my sweet ladies graduate from high school and I’m emotional, y’all.

12 hours from now this chapter will close for good. No more meet the teacher nights. No more running to this practice and that event.

This brings on another set of challenges for us, like all rare parents. What happens in college? My girls went to the school nurse yesterday and picked up their rescue medications. The principal emailed me both of their 504 plans and copies of their seizure plan so I could hand them off to them for their college to keep on file.

They don’t want to do that. They have spent two years being looked at as different. As sick. As a risk factor. My daughters are looking forward to a fresh start. I can’t say that I blame them but my-oh-my am I nervous that something might go wrong. Doesn’t something always go wrong eventually with these rare kids?

twins with long, dark hair sitting outside with cactus and brush behind them, both smiling at the camera

They’re 18 now, and they get to have a say in these decisions. Ultimately, I can share my concerns, my thoughts, and my advice but the call is theirs to make. I do feel a bit better that they will be together. They are still living at home, as of this moment neither is seizure-free so driving is out but the college is only about 15 minutes away so it will just be another bonding opportunity for the 3 of us until we can reign the seizures in again.

There is a lot to reflect on today. High school graduation is filled with excitement and just a touch of stress here. We are focusing on excitement. We have family coming to celebrate this accomplishment with us tonight. We ordered a cake and will have balloons galore on Saturday as we honor our girls and all it has taken to get them to this turning point.

Fun fact: I’ve never attended a graduation ceremony before. I didn’t have one for my class because I went to an incredibly small school. So it should be particularly interesting this evening.

Wish us all luck!

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