• twin girls facing each other laughing outside in the desert, one in a pink shirt, one in a green shirt

    Happy Birthday to My Beautiful Girls!

    This is it. It’s the big one! My girls are officially adults! So, if anyone needs me today, I’ll be in my closet crying into a bucket of nacho cheese. These girls have been pushed to the limit. They have been through things that would break so many. And they have handled it all with such grace and resilience that I don’t even know how to express the pride I feel from being their mom. It always annoys me slightly when people say they don’t know how the girls have dealt with all this and kept it together. That’s because I know. They are eternal optimists with just a splash…

  • a woman and 2 teens standing in front of a large banner outside in black shirts and leggins. the shirts match and read "Angioma Alliance"

    Diagnosis Day: Every Story Has a Beginning

    I don’t know that the English language has developed the words to describe quite how I felt the moment I heard the official diagnoses for my twins. Shock, sadness, grief, anger, resentment, panic, loss, terror. None of those seemed to really convey the gravity of my feelings. What I do know is that I was sitting at home, working at my new job, minding my own business when life as I knew it changed. Twin A was at school and called to let me know that she was waiting with a bunch of teachers and her sister for an ambulance. Twin B had a seizure and they were taking her…

  • a circular cake with the words ' happy brainaversary kendall!'

    Happy Brainaversary, Twin A

    So today is a big important day for us. We have made the anniversary of my twins’ craniotomy surgeries into a big-time holiday around here. To be completely honest, the Brainaversary is at least as big of a deal as a birthday is nowadays. I mean, we get a cake and presents, buy balloons, and do a fun activity with my favorite patient of the day. It’s a very big deal here. And we get to do it twice! As a twin family, we’re used to doing most things twice around here, but not 3 months apart. In a way, it’s kind of a silver lining that my girls each…